With Thanks

I would like to take this opportunity and thank some very special people who support and encourage my music making:

My teachers:

  • Yitzhak Katzap , the man who introduced me to the clarinet and the world of music. Yitzhak was not only my first teacher - he has become a close friend and mentor for life. 
  • Sabine Meyer who inspired my way to a warm sound, tonal elegance and musical maturity.
  • Richard Stoltzman who opened my eyes to boundless fantasy, brave experimentation and constant innovation.

My Schools: 

  • The Petach Tikva Conservatory 
 - my second home for over 10 years, a place where I spent uncountable hours of practicing, met dear friends and played my very first concerts!

  • Musikhochschule Lübeck  - my home away from home, where support, stimulation and inspiration were always at hand.

My Clarinet Maker Schwenk und Seggelke:

  • Jochen Seggelke who is always there for me, keeping my instruments in top shape. It is a real treat to play on the bassett, boxwood and grenadill clarinets he has made for me.


  • Pan Foundation
    My gratitude goes to Koichiro Hattori and Clement Spiess with whom I have had a special connection from the very first moment. The foundation accompanies me for several years in different media productions with great care to every last detail.
  • The America-Israel Cultural Foundation which supported me throughout my studies in Israel and abroad.
  • The Ronen Foundation
    My special thanks go to Yaffa Israeli who has always given me a feeling of a warm and embracing family.

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